NGC 7635, the Bubble nebula with its faint outer extensions…

“In big optics, the bubble is still an arc, the whole bubble is too much red to be completely visible…”

So, i decide to detect faint extensions around the bubble with low power. The UHC filter (HBêta, second alternative) is an aid to detection. The north area (the same visible as previously with C14) is well delimited (triangular shape). All the rest is very faint, luminosity gradients fall drastically. In fact, the further we move away from the arc, the more the blue-green footprint of ionized oxygene decreases. Don’t forget that this nebula is first a red object (= Sh 2-162).

When i try to analyse my drawing, i focus on a curious detail in the center of the bubble itself. There is  a nearly stellar condensation just 20″ SW of the massive hot star (BD +602522) and it seems to stream out to the NW (fan shape). This is my interpretation of cometary knots (Hydogene is here enough intense to sensitize my eye).

Dessin au T600 x 149 & 199x

Bubble nebula drawing
Bubble nebula drawing